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Weaning off of Blood Pressure Medications

I have been on blood pressure medication for a couple of years, but would like to get off. My only side effect is it causes me to cough at times. Is it best to wean oneself off the meds gradually?

Blood pressure medicines need to be weaned gradually, because the body gets used to their effects and stops doing what it should do. Stopping cold turkey could be a strain on your body.

There are some supplements that increase the likelihood that you can successfully wean off the medicine. These are CoQ10 200 to 400 mg per day, high doses of magnesium 800 to 1000 mg per day, and hawthorn berry, an herb that acts as a vasodilator. I would start these for a month, then take ½ dose of your blood pressure medicine (which I assume is an ACE inhibitor, as this category has the best chance of causing a cough as a side effect) for 3 weeks, then ½ it again for 3 more weeks if on a fairly high dose, or just stop it all together if on a lower dose. Take your blood pressure every few days to see if it goes up, or if it causes high blood pressure symptoms. If not, you have removed a toxin from your body.

In Joel Kauffman’s book Malignant Medical Myths, Kauffman makes a strong point about the fact that blood pressures below 160 to 180 systolic over 95 to 100 diastolic carry no increased risk of heart disease or any cardiac event. Since the reason blood pressures are lowered is because of the ‘silent killer’ hypertension, and there is no ‘silent killer’ below the above mentioned levels, why be on any blood pressure medicine unless there is truly a medical risk at levels greater than 180 / 100, unless there are negative symptoms felt at lower levels? I recognize that some may consider this crazy (because it doesn’t jive with party line medicine, but read the chapter in Dr. Kauffman’s book and decide for yourself. The science is all there.

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10 thoughts on “Weaning off of Blood Pressure Medications

  1. I have insomnia. I exercise, eat right, take supplements. I have tried all the natural things and sleeping pills and still have problems sleeping. I have had some problems all my life (adhd) but it has worsened in mid-life and especially with menopause. (I am presently 54 and had a complete hyst at 50 and am on compounded hormones for the past few years now.

  2. Leigh Ann, I too have trouble sleeping, for years. At least I had trouble sleeping. I started useing Valarian and melatonin. Most melatonin comes in 3mg sizes, which in my opinion is too much. Get the 300 mcg size.
    What I do is take a 525mg Valarian 1 hour or so before bed. Then about 30 before bed I dissolve a melatonin under my tounge. I’ve been doing this for about three weeks and the results are outstanding. What’s even better is that the Valarian has been shown to work better if you use it regularly. And what’s best is that I wake up refreshed and not groggy.
    I got my valarian at my local Krogers, but you might have to go to a health food store. Make sure it is the extract standardized to at least .8% Valerenic acid.

  3. I am now on benazepril 20mg , hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg, cardizem 120mg, and coreg 6mg a day. My blood pressure at home on arm monitor never goes over 120.90.. and at doctors office it runs 150/100 and he keeps adding or rasing dose mgs.. i am tired of it.. hwo do i wen off most of my meds. i dont mind benazepril or the water pilli hate the other two.. i am 59 and weight is 172 and losing a pound a week. thank you. my doctor also told me there is no such thing as white coat bp

    1. Blood pressure can rise depending on situations you are facing. Mine definitely goes up when I am at a clinic and goes down when I am relaxed at home. Doc can call it what he wants but he shoukd acknowledge it happens!

    2. Sounds like you need to change doctors.

  4. I take 2 50mg Losarton and 1 Propranalol ER 60mg per day. I have been recommended a natural remedy called Cardiotone by Ayush Herbs, I would like to wean off of my BP pills. any ideas?

  5. I am on co approvel 300 ml and natrilix 1.5 ml . why still my bp is not under control. I walk 45 min daily. Do meditation and breathing daily. i am t

    ired of my bp readings. It is always flutuating from high to normal..
    i am on 15 ml of seroxet for anxiety and depression under control.why my bp not going down.

  6. I had been to the doctor a while back for coughing and a fever. Instead of taking care of that, he decides to wean me off of Inderal (propranolol) Since I am almost weaned from it, I have been feeling rough. I am tired and when I lay down, I get fluttering in my chest and then coughing. It takes a while to get that to stop. Do you think it has to do with coming off the medicine? This was not my regular doctor who did this. it was someone else I had to see on military base.

  7. Since taking Benazepril I have been having high potassium and uric acid levels in my blood work. I am a type 2 Diabetic and hate Metformin. I also have been having problems with my eyes. I am older woman and I read where this medication can cause Macular degeneration.

  8. I asked my doctor about getting off the Adefin 10mg high blood pressure tablets and he said no do not do it. I started taking half of the tablet in the morning for a few weeks then having one every other day. I then started cutting the tablets into quarters and having a quarter a day for a couple of weeks then a quarter every couple of days. I will then have a quarter every 3 days for a bit and so on so my body gradually gets used to it.
    I originally had to start taking them because of stress caused by a new Manager at work who pissed everyone off – not been in that job for a couple of years now and have moved to Queensland and feel much more laid back.
    Seems like GPs are hell-bent on keeping patients on this darn medication.. When I go for walks even in this heat and humidity up here in QLD my heart rate is around 115-120 bpm which is way better than the 130-135 I was registering a couple of years ago getting crap sitting in a chair from that Manager.
    I feel way better cutting them right down – I don’t feel spun out and I found when I was on the full dose I was stammering when I was talking.
    I know it’s dangerous to just come off them cold turkey and I wonder if anyone has come off them slowly without any adverse side effects and actually feels great not being on them…

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