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Stents, Plavix, and Blood Thinners: Healthy Alternatives

Is Plavix required to prevent the body from rejecting the two stints (each side) placed in the patient’schest?

Plavix interferes with the aggregation of platelets, which is one of the pathways to initiate clotting inside the body and blood stream.  It is used after stent placement to decrease the likelihood of clotting near the stents, because a foreign object in the blood stream has a greater chance of initiating inflammation and the clotting mechanism.

I personally like Nattokinase, which interferes with the clotting mechanism through the inhibition of the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin, another part of the clotting mechanism.  Low-dose aspirin, 81 mg every other day, also interferes with aggregation or stickiness of platelets, but it carries a low risk of stomach upset and GI bleed. I have not seen a lot of bad side effects from Plavix.

Coumadin is another blood thinner that is frequently prescribed; however, I do not recommend it.

3 thoughts on “Stents, Plavix, and Blood Thinners: Healthy Alternatives

  1. It seems as though the concern for senior citizens would be keeping the blood from getting to thin. As arteries get older, I have been told that they get thin spots. What happens to the mini-strokes we have as a result of age when the blood has been thinned with plavix or aspirin?

  2. please address alternative metods on blood thinners (warfarin)…i take 14 mgs per day…awfully high does, huh? My body seems to reject this medication and my pt/inr flutuates alot!!! have been on it since Oct 10….for many blood clots in both legs…due to a motorcycle accident sustained in 07 in Thailand! Broke many bones in left leg and hand inc back and a terrible compund femor fracture…thank you very much!!

  3. I have 3
    stents, I need surgery on my Elbow I tore my tendon away from bone. Cardioligist will not will not let me get off blood thinners so I can have surgery.
    Help my arm is killing me

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