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Cola Drinks and Calcium and Weight Loss

Do cola drinks affect calcium in women?

All soft drinks use a phosphate buffer so the carbon dioxide does not become carbonic acid in the drink.

Carbonic acid is so toxic that it would stop people from drinking pop immediately. When phosphorus is absorbed into the body, the body matches that phosphorus with calcium, which has to come from your bones (where 98% of all calcium is in your body).

So, any soda pop, including cola drinks, will affect calcium in the body, and will be taken from the bones. This contributes to osteopenia and osteoporosis. Because women have a smaller bone structure compared to men, this hurts women earlier than it does men.

The other problems with soda pop include:

  • 1. sweetener (the only thing worse than sugar is aspartame as a pro-inflammatory trigger)
  • 2. acidity (which viruses, bacteria and cancer cells in the body like)
  • 3. caffeine, which is pro-inflammatory, addictive, a diuretic, stimulant.

The major drink we should have is water, which may be flavored with lemons or limes.

3 thoughts on “Cola Drinks and Calcium and Weight Loss

  1. I don’t understand the difference between the acidity of soda pop and the acidity of lemons and limes?? Lemons and limes make our bodies slightly alkaline- which is good-right? All sugars make our bodies acidic?

  2. Karen, The acid in most soda pop is in the pH range of 2.0 to 4.0. A neutral pH is 7.0. Lemons and limes are mildly acidic, but the overall effect in the body is alkaline, a process I have not seen anybody explain. You are also correct about sugars causing acidity in our bodies. (The reason soda pop does not taste like vinegar, which has the same pH as soda pop, is because of the amount of sugar placed in the pop.)

  3. I agree except to that part where you are subservient to the FDA. I don’t want anyone except me telling me what to do with my body whether they are AMD or else!

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