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The Popular HCG Diet and “Ease on Down Weight Balance Program”

Hi Dr. Gardner, What do you think of the HCG diet that seems to be so popular right now?

Before I specifically answer your question, I’m going to explore some foundational principles in weight loss that are key components in the soon-to-be-launched (next week!) Ease on Down Weight Balance Program.

At the core of losing weight is getting your body into a healthy state.  This involves long term commitment, understanding of the underlying principles of how your body operates, and learning how to recognize and respond to the clues your body is giving you with the signs and symptoms you experience.

When you commit to follow the Ease on Down Weight Balance Program, all of those elements, and many more, are included in your training.  You will immediately begin to notice the benefits of feeling better, or walking more easily (even going up and downstairs–yes, even with challenges in your knees!)  You will have more energy; you will be filled with greater zest for life and an overall sense of well-being. Your excess weight will begin to melt off, and you’ll notice a difference in how your clothing fits and how you feel about yourself.

That said, some of us are morbidly obese, and have been struggling with intense and significant weight issues for many years.  For our personal health and safety, we need to get significant amounts of weight off.

I am opposed to gastric bypass surgery.  It is far too dangerous, with far too many side effects, and the risks far outweigh the benefits of this procedure.  So….

The Ease on Down Program takes this into account.

After you have participated in the program for a few months, and learned and incorporated the teachings into your personal habits and lifestyle, I am making available a few tested, safe, methods for a more rapid weight loss.  A special format of HCG will be available as an option, after we have explored the best options for you personally.  You will be an active participant in this process (after all, it’s YOUR body!).  These are planned with extensive research and personal and patient experience, and they include some tremendous aspects that are not available anywhere else.

This program is comprehensive, and it is profound.  It will change your life.

Now, having said all that…let’s get to HCG:

The HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet has some great elements in it:

  • It gets you off all sugar, processed food and many harmful foods.
  • It insists you are on a good supplement program, and
  • it encourages you to clean up your life from toxins and other harmful substances.
  • It even supports your liver, which will help with detox after you start losing fat. (Toxins in the body reside in the fat tissue, and will be released as fat is burned.)

The 500 calorie diet is not healthy, but the program recognizes it and will not let you stay on it indefinitely, requiring breaks of several weeks in between ‘treatments.’ The HCG is made by the body, so it has metabolic pathways to handle the extra load.

HCG apparently takes away your appetite so you are not hungry on that low of a diet, and the pounds just melt away.

The important thing about any diet that works is what lifestyle you will adapt when the weight is off. If you will be going back to an unhealthy program that made you gain weight in the first place, it will come right back with a few extra pounds. The HCG program anticipates some regression and has made provisions to help you get back on track, which is good.

There are almost as many sources of HCG as there are people promoting the product.  They differ in quality. The HCG that will be available through the Ease on Down Weight Balance Program is highly effective, not given through injections, and contains some exclusive additional benefits that I will share with you during the program.  These are available through homeopathic drops.  It is tested and proven, and of exceptional quality.

If this is of interest to you, and you are not yet on the interest list for the Ease on Down Weight Balance Program, I suggest you go right now to this link, and sign up.  There is no obligation: