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Persistent Acne

Hello Dr Gardner, i was wondering if you could address the issue of healing and preventing recurrent and stubborn cystic acne in teens and adults. It would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks

Here is my approach to acne.

1. Make sure the diet is good–no sugar, chocolate,soda pop, processed food, all of which have inflammatory triggers.

2. Supplements are needed to bring nutrients to the cells for needed repairs.   Try the omega-6 oils, 5 grams a day, as the only essential fatty acids found in the skin are the omega-6 oils.

3. Get rid of excess dry skin by washing (but no more than 3 times per day) or using a soft brush on the skin.

4. Recently I added ASEA sprayed on the skin on a young lady whose acne persisted despite all of the above.  She sprayed her face 1 to 3 times per day, and within a few weeks her skin was clear.  She continues to spray it and sees continuing resolution of previous scar tissue.  A spray bottle can be purchased from this website under Healthy Products.

5.  If these things do not help, see your physician.  I have other recommendations that need to be done under a doctor’s supervision.

3 thoughts on “Persistent Acne

  1. I agree with all the above information that you gave Dr. Gardner, and the Asea spray did help me somewhat but what really helps is taking a liver support supplement and then topically putting on Argan oil – that clears up skin problems rather quickly. When you take any perscription drug it is hard on the liver, so you need to consider that. That was my problem, and even though it was short term my liver was over-loaded and then my skin broke out something terrible. I think the argan oil would work great for teenagers but they do need to get off all the processed foods and eat fresh vegetables. Thanks for all your great insights.

  2. What is ASEA and where can I get it? I have a pituitary prolactinoma and have been on medication for 20 years for it. They recently took me off the meds to see if the tumor would stabilize and not raise my prolactin levels to a dangerous level – but cystic acne is plaguing my face and neck as a result. I would like to try the ASEA to see if it would help.

    1. Just wondering if asea did help severe acne or not

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