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Weight Loss

I have had a stomach staple lost 125lbs first year kept that off but have gone up and down since. This past year I lost 70lbs and do not want it back. I should lose another 40 or 50lbs where how what can I do?

Congratulations on losing weight, even though it took a surgical procedure to do it. I am sure you have tried a vast number of things to try to help you, but here is a list you may be able to choose from:

1. Low carb diets. Carbohydrates  become sugar in the body, which become fat if the levels are high.  There are many low carb diets, of which Atkins is the most strict and best known.  These diets are not healthy long term, but may be tried over the short term.

2. Long term low intensity exercise, like walking an hour or more, will burn fat while you are walking.  However, if you want to burn fat for hours after exercise, you will need to do 4 to 8 high-intensity interval trainings a day for 3 or 4 days per week.

3.  A HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), or burst, or spurt, is done by exerting maximal effort for 30 to 60 seconds.

4. Be sure you are getting good sleep, eating real food, and taking supplements so your body is not craving food for nutrient deficiencies.

5. The HCG diet has been helpful for many, but you must be willing to follow it strictly.  You will still need to maintain proper eating and exercise habits long term, no matter what you find successful for the short term.

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  1. Regarding Bariatric Operations… If this writer had to ask you how to lose weight after a stomach stapling, then he/she may not have had the proper after care. These operations need close-supervised after care regarding nutrition, loss of iron, vitamin B-12, Protein, Calcium and more. It is very hard to obsorb these and more nutrients with a smaller stomach. The operation is a God-send for millions of people, but when one continues to yo-yo on weight, obviously informational training was lacking by an obviously untrained surgeon and staff.

  2. what’s HCG? and why is the Atkins or Zone diet not good for long term? Even on those diets, it you eat more meat than carbs, you should still not eat a ton of meat regardless.

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