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Cirrhosis of the Liver

I have cirrhosis of the liver, although I have never drunk any alcohol. What can I do?

Cirrhosis of the liver means the normal tissue of the liver is being replaced by scar tissue. This affects the liver so it does not function as it should. Since tissue does not scar by itself, there is a cause, although it may not always be obvious. The three most common causes of dirrhosis of the liver include:

  • Hepatitis C,
  • fatty liver (obesity and diabetes contributes to this), and
  • alcohol.

There are other viral infections (Hepatitis B and rarely, Hepatitis D) and finally, toxins. Treatment starts by removing the cause, if possible. I am sure you have already been tested for the viral infections already–if not, that needs to be done. High dose vitamin C intravenous drips are highly effective against the viruses. Nutrient intake needs to be optimal–real food and potent multivitamins, essential fatty acid and vitamin D supplements and plenty of water. Finally, 2 supplements that provide immense support to the liver include Milk thistle and alpha-lipoic acid.  Call my office if you need some other ideas.  I have many options to help you.  801-302-5397

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  1. I have a colonoscopy scheduled June 17th. Two concerns: I don’t tolerate sugar and have been off it for over two years. The prep calls for a gallon of Gatoraid. Is there something I could substitute? Secondly, I am unable to fast. I need to eat within an hour or two of arising. Any suggestion on how to handle that?

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