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One way to reduce soda consumption

Sara Bleich from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health provides an interesting insight into recognizing the partial impact of caloric intake and the amount of exercise needed to ‘burn’ those calories.  One can of coke equals 50 minutes of running.  When that information was placed before people where ordering of soft drinks took place, the amount of soft drinks ordered decreased.  Although she correctly points out that ‘a calorie is not a calorie,’ anything that changes the behavior of drinking soda pop is a good thing.  Just a reminder of the 5 things wrong with soda pop: 1) the sweetener, as bad as sugar is aspartame is worse 2) acid content (coke does make the best cleaner of chrome and grease spots) 3) phosphorus added so carbon dioxide (the fizz) does not become carbonic acid [unfortunately phosphorus is matched with calcium in the body, so the calcium is taken from the bones contributing to osteoporosis] 4) many sodas have caffeine, which is addictive, is a stimulant and is a diuretic 5) some people think drinking soda replaces the amount of water they need to drink (wrong).
For a more complete look at Sara Bleich’s insight and research, read the article by James Hamblin [The Atlantic].