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What Do the Labels Mean?

You May be Surprised at the Definitions of The Words on Labels!

In order to be healthy, we must learn to read labels (if you don’t grow and make all your food from scratch). Since it is important to know what certain terms mean, here we go:

 Natural: means very little. Although it can’t include synthetic ingredients (colors, flavors), it can be heavily processed. This includes animals raised with antibiotics and growth hormones, and high fructose corn syrup (corn is natural, isn’t it?).

Fresh: means they are using ‘approved’ waxes or coatings, post harvest approved pesticides, applying mild chlorine or mild acid wash or ionizing radiation.

Organic (can mean 3 different things):

  • 100% organic = foods that don’t contain any non-organic ingredients;
  • organic—95% organic ingredients and the other 5 % do not contain growth hormones;
  • made with organic ingredients—foods with at least 70% organically produced ingredients (up to 30% non-organic)

Good Source of/Contains/Provides: food has at least 10 % of USDA’s recommended daily allowance

 High Source Of/Rich In/Excellent Source Of: food has at least 20% of USDA’s recommended daily allowance

Now you know. Garden fresh is still best, and you know exactly what has gone into it. We enjoyed our garden tomatoes for at least 6 weeks past the first frost.  They ripened on the vine in boxes in the garage.  When you grow it, then you know it!