Stan M. Gardner, M.D., CNS was trained in traditional Western medicine. He received a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Utah State University, attended medical school in the Philippines (where he learned firsthand about alternative methods of healing), did a residency in Pediatrics at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and practiced conventional medicine for 15 years. He has practiced alternative and energy medicine for over 10 years.

From Dr. Gardner:

Since beginning my practice of alternative medicine, I’ve encountered questions that range from very simple to very complex in their answers; for example:

  • What about “bad” energies for our health?
  • Could you address the issue of cell phones and if they could be related to brain cancer?
  • I’m overweight, depressed, and nothing seems to work. Help me, please!
  • What about vaccines for my kids? I want to do the best for them, but I don’t want to endanger them? What’s ok and what isn’t?
  • Why can’t I sleep?
  • What about living near cell phone towers or other electrical power sources?
  • Can you please tell me about statins? Are they safe or not? And if not, how do I get off them?
  • I am VERY sensitive to medicine, chemicals, cleaners, and scents. I’ve had to change my whole life around and don’t know how to get well.
  • I want to live a healthier life, but I have no idea how to get started. Like, I read about all these things that are bad for us, but what do I eat? And how do I prepare it?

It occurs to me that YOU may have some similar questions. And quite honestly, they’re not the kinds of questions that you can just ask your typical M.D.

Ever since I became a medical doctor over 30 years ago, I’ve explored what works and what doesn’t in my patients. They are great at telling me about what they have discovered. And I’ve enjoyed sharing my knowledge and research with them. But bottom line, there’s only one of me, and there are millions of people who want to improve their health and don’t know where to go!

So, even though I’m not too great at website development and all the computer gizmos, I HAVE learned how to do email. And I DO know about alternatives in medicine that are safer than drugs and surgery. I’m a certified nutrition specialist, and I’ve spent over 10 years practicing alternative medicine, with incredible success. I want to share what I know with YOU so that you too can experience dynamic health and energy. What’s more, I want to create a community of like-minded, positive people who are determined to make this life and this one body we get the best it can be.

No matter where you are on your journey to health—whether it’s just learning and exploring—or whether you’re well on your way to living forever!—www.stangardnermd.com is the website for you.

Welcome to a new world of dynamic health and energy!
Blessings, Dr. Stan Gardner

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  1. This shows how every nutritional program combined with the law and power of cleansing can impact anybodies life.

    I have read Dr Gardners posts and he is dead on with what we can do to improve our lives.
    Our bodies are organic and they follow agency as we can. By giving it the tools necessary it’s agency can improve thereby blessing our lives. Just as we need to cleanse physically on the outside, and spiritually our physical inside wants and desires the tools so it can have the agency to cleanse itself as a whole.

    Thank You Dr. Gardner!!!

  2. Is it a good practice to take probiotics regularly? If so, what kind/brand is best? I’ve taken HMF Replete in the morning before breakfast, but I hear that probiotics should be taken at night. I’m confused. I await your reply.

  3. Polly,
    Sorry to take so long to reply–my wife and I moved to a new place, and we are still unpacking boxes. Probiotics are various subtypes of acidophilus and lactobacillus, the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. These good bacteria represent the largest organ of our body, if we were to classify it as an organ. These bacteria can be put in a capsule and ingested, thereby replenishing our personal supply. Although they surive longer in the refrigerator, if taken by the expiration date the manufacturer guarantees the amount listed as alive if left out on the shelf. I am not aware that it makes much difference when these are taken, as long as they are not taken with antibiotics. At night, of course, there will be no competition with food, some of which may not provide an optimal environment for survival of the bacteria.

  4. My husband is 68 years old and is taking Lipitor. He has had back pain and muscle aches. His cholesterol is about 200 and his triglycerides are in the 300’s. After reading the side effects we are wondering how he should stop taking the medication. We have read that he should not stop taking is suddenly, is this correct? He is also taking COQ10 150mg, MegaRed krill oil, Cholest-Off by Nature Made, 2000mg of Vitamin, Synthroid 125mcg and Flomax 0.4mg. He also takes 3 to 6 aspirins daily for back pain. We would appreciate your help. Thank you.

  5. Marlene, Stop the Lipitor immediately, without weaning off of it. Great job in having him take CoQ10–keep it up for several months, at least. You may want to try saw palmetto (often in combination with 1 or 2 other herbs) for his prostate, and get off the Flomax. For back pain, try other anti-inflammatories like MSM, ginger root, curcumin–that do not cause stomach upset. Hopefully we will soon get up a DVD on the musculoskeletal system that specifically addresses back pain and options for it.

  6. Dear Doctor Gardner,

    Thank you so very much for your advice in helping my husband to stop taking Lipitor. He read your answer and stopped it immediately. He is feeling so much better. He has only had to take aspirin occasionally as his pain is greatly reduced.He tried to stop the Flomax but had to resume taking it. He is not sure what other herbs are needed with the saw palmetto or how much to take.
    He is going to try the other anti-inflammatories that you mentioned as he has arthritis in his back. We are very excited about your programs. Thank you so much.

  7. Dr. Gardner,

    I saw your article on Migraines on Meridian Magazine and felt like it was a godsend. In fact, I mentioned it on my Meningioma (brain tumor) blog. It’s not that headaches related to M are resolvable by the means you suggest, but many people find my blog because it does have some headache discussion and I want them to find your recommendations!

    My M is too small to be a problem and is not the cause of my headaches. They were under control for three years but went vastly out of control several months ago. No need to go into all the details but basically I knew there was a nutritional component and a mechanical one.

    Just a few weeks ago I started letting my chiropractor work on my neck and we feel that’s on track. No headaches for 24 days, now 🙂

    I was just so glad to see an MD support some very reputable alternative remedies. It was just an awesome article and I plan to step very carefully through your other recommendations to make sure we don’t miss anything.

    Thank you so much!

  8. Dear Dr. Gardner,

    My husband has BPH and the doctor has prescribed Avodart for him to take. He seems to be getting progressively worse. Is there anything he can take that would have less side effects. He has been taking Flomax and now is going to be taking both medications. He has tried the Saw Palmetto before and it has not been successful. He may have been using the wrong kind. Would appreciate your help. Thank you


  10. My wife and I have a Tangent water Ionizer. We are not sure what happens with the water going thru the ionizer but it tastes better to us and we drink much more so we use it. Are you familiar with ionizing water and what do you think of it? We understand it is far more common in Asian countries than in the U.S.A.

  11. Dear Dr. Gardner,

    I am semi-retired dentist that has limited my practice to treating patients with TMJ problems along with their related symptoms.

    These include low energy levels, headaches, including migraines, neck and back pain, weakness or numbness in the extremities, dizziness, and a variety of other symptoms.

    The root cause of these problems is related to the TMJ or bite mechanism and dysfunction of the cranial-sacral mechanism.

    My treatment is directed towards balancing their energy flow and normalizing the CRI.

    I use no drugs and my approach solves the cause of their symptoms, rather than just treating them. My approach is rather inexpensive, compared to the many so-called experts who advertise to get patients and charge them an arm and leg for their services.

    If you are interested in expanding your arsenal of alternative methods to solve health problems, I would be happy to send you an email that describes my approach.


    Dallas E. Murdoch DDS
    1-208-339-3410 cp

  12. I recently read your article in the Meridian. I have a chronically ill child who also has an unspecified metabolic disorder. Currently no tests to check it as it is new. He does take the mitochondrial cocktail, which has greatly improved his quality of life. I shared with our Pediatrician your article as I was curious as to what he had to say. He says your data is incorrect and outdated about the swine flu. Our Pediatrician is also against the vaccine currently, though our Pediatric GI specialist is pushing for it. We have chosen to stay out of the public for the next few months as we do every year.

  13. Marlene, I always start with Saw palmetto and pygeum africanum. The doses may be doubled to see if they help. Because inflammation is part of the problem with BPH, I would also add MSM or ginger root as an anti-inflammatory, and anti-virals/anti-bacterials like citrucidal, astragalus and andrographis, which also builds the immune system generally. Obviously, if he is ingesting sugar, caffeine, trans fats or aspartame, it will be a losing battle, as these will trigger inflammation that you may not be able to overcome easily. A general supplement program to strengthen all the cells of the body will also be needed.

  14. Lund, Without a spleen, your immune system is compromised, as you know. So, you need to do all the other things to strengthen it. Being 57 is not a strike against you. But, overweight, tired and headaches all time means that you are not healthy, and your immune system is probably not healthy. Find an alternative doctor near you and get started on a good program. You can have dynamic health and energy.

  15. William, An ionizer is a great thing for water. And anything that will get you to drink more water is good. Drink at least 6 to 8 cups of water each day.

  16. Dallas, I tried to e-mail you to request more information about your treatment, but I don’t think I got through. I am always interested in innovative ways to help people with their medical issues, and TMJ can be devastating to some people.

  17. Dear Dr. Gardner,
    Would you comment on Low Dose Naltrexone?
    It seems to be the answer to so many problems and so difficult to obtain from conventional doctors.
    Thanks so much
    Linda Patalon

  18. Dear Dr. Gardner,

    Against my better judgement, (I was in tears) I allowed my pediatrician to bully me into giving my 17 month old daughter both flu shots (seasonal and swine), plus 5 others. This was 2 weeks ago. My husband is a physician and supportive of vaccinations, so it is hard for me to know what is best.

    However, now, my baby is experiencing physical and behavioral changes that I cannot attribute to anything else. I’m so worried that I have done something to harm her. Is there anything I can do for her? Is it too late?

    She has always been a pleasant baby. Now she has been having terrible angry fits and tantrums, hitting, screaming, giving me dirty looks, walking off and acting like she can’t hear me when I call her name–none of this was going on at the beginning of this month. Her bowel habits have also changed.

    Is there anything you can recommend for such a young child to help get all those harmful toxins out of her system?

    Thank you

  19. Dear Dr. Gardner,

    I have been receiving your posts regulary and all are very informative that I even shared to my family and friends, and work colleagues.

    I am from the Philippines but is now in Dubai for work. Just recently, I asked my husband to buy me a 2-month supply of Glutaphos, a memory enhancer vitamin in tablet form.

    The first day I took it, I could say that the tablet was effective. But after successive intake for a few days now, I am experiencing slight headache. Along with Glutaphos, I also take Centrum, a multi-vitamin supplement.

    Is my headache a side effect of taking Glutaphos?

    I would welcome a very thoughtful advise from you.

    Thank you in advance. God bless and more power!

    Meldy Arienda

  20. My husband has radiation necrosis. Has brain stem tumor. Gamma Knife in 2009, radio surgery 2004. We are thinking of Hyperbaric treatments but scared. Can you help us.

  21. Hi Dr Gardner

    Have you heard of or used hyperimmune egg ?

    thank you

  22. I have diabetic gastroparesis and other digestive problems.
    What do you suggest I eat? My doctor has suggested two different diets, a low fiber diet and a high fiber diet. Low fiber for the gastroparesis and the high fiber for my other digestive problem. I also have asthma,high blood pressure, arthritis and many other problems. Please help, Lillie

  23. I’m excited you’re coming home to Utah for a Seminar! I’ll be there, looking forward to seeing you in person and hearing what you have to say.
    Thanks for coming!

  24. Dear Dr. Gardner,

    I have diverticulitis and no one seems to be able to tell me what not to eat to keep from having these terribly painful attacks and ending up in the hospital. They just want to put me on anti inflammatories and tell me to just stay on liquids.

    Please give me some advice.
    Thank you so much.

  25. Several years ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, and put on a CPAP machine with a #10 setting. I don’t always use my machine. I’m not sure if it makes a difference. I don’t snore near as much as I used to. Is sleep apnea something that can correct itself or do I still have it?

  26. I have been using Xango products (Mangosteen Juice, 3sixty5 food supplement & Eleviv) for almost 2 years. With them I no longer need anti-depressants, I stopped taking Risperdal, my cholesterol has improved, & I lost 20 lbs. of excess weight. Right now my health is pretty excellent. Before I started Xango my Dr. put me on Simvastatin 20mg daily & though my choleserol is down to 184 total (alot of it is good) she has not told me to quit the Simvastatin. If I understood you right, maybe I should?

  27. My mother had osteosporosis. Within a years time she broke both of her hips. (Later she had stroke, heart desease & died.) I was diagnosed with the precurser to osteosporosis and put on Fosamax 70mg weekly for 2 years. Then I got off it for 2 years, had another bone scan and was put back on it for 2 more years, had another bone scan and was told that it had improved but that I should stay on the Fosamax, which I did. You’re telling me that it is not good for my bone health?

  28. I am taking Xango’s 3sixty5 (for women & without iron) food supplement. I have had a hysterectomy and I don’t think I need extra iron. This time when I ordered it I was told they ran out of it because they were in the process of reformulating that product. All they had available for me was the with iron formula. My friend told me she had a problem with having accumulated too much iron in her blood her body had a hard time shedding the extra iron. I’m taking the 3sixty5 for women with iron. Do I need to worry about it?

  29. Dear Dr. Gardner,
    I enjoyed reading your website and am impressed with the direction you have taken your practice. I am a semi-retired dentist who spent the last 25 years of my practice doing alternative therapy for my patients. I based it on balancing body energy flow, treating cranial-mandibular dysfunction and doing unwindings to reduce stress. I had wonderful results with my approach and had many grateful patients. I have written a Word document that outlines my approach. Would you be interested in reading it. If so, I will email you a copy. I may also be interested in seeing you as a patient.

    I believe the approach I have used and what you are doing will be part of the health care approach of the millenium. However, I find that dentists generally are not interested in learning about it since they are more interested in making money.


    Dallas E. Murdoch DDS

  30. Do you know what causes skin tags and how to get rid of them? Thanks!

  31. Dear Dr. Gardner,

    I have had my gallbladder out in 2009. I was told that once it is out, you can eat most anything but find this is not true. I still have issues. I also have had gastritis in the past and try not to take the acid blockers and have tried a few alternative things such as aloe juice, okra pepsin, etc. I have a feeling that stress is my issue. I also have had issues lately with my sinuses. Any help on this would be greatly appreciate. I do get seasonal allergies but this winter has been miserable with the cold air when it hits the sinus area.

    Thank you. Ro

  32. I forgot to mention I also have sleep apnea. I am trying to loose a bit of weight as I put on 30 lbs. I think sometimes the CPAP contributes to sinus issues and was told to put the mositure level up so not to dry out the nasal area

  33. My mum 60 yrs old has got colon cancer stage 4. We have tried chemo (10 rounds), but it is too hard on my mother and gives her no quality life. Please can you advice us of natural medicine that works. Need to hear about miracle stories. We live in Norway. Please help.

  34. Dear Dr. Gardner,

    I am new RN, with one year longterm care experience, but I believe strongly in natural and holistic medicine, and it was *very difficult* for me to administer all those pharmaceuticals, when I believe strongly that a nutritious and varied diet is superior to medicines (along with regularly exercise, proper rest, a positive attitude, and good lifestyle choices). I am struggling with knowing how to find employment that coincides with my values. One of your patients recommended that I seek your advice.

    Marilyn DeGanne, RN

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