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Nutrition improves learning

From Medial News Today:

After twelve months, children in Australia who received the drink with the nutrient mix showed higher blood levels of these micronutrients, which means that their bodies were taking up the nutrients. In addition, they performed significantly better on tests measuring their learning and memory capabilities compared to children in the other groups.

We live in a vitamin deficient society.  It makes sense that these children were positively affected by the increase in their nutrition.

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The Differences in Supplement Quality: How to Evaluate What’s Best for You

A reader writes: Thank you for the opportunity to try your Vital Primivia supplements. They seem to be well produced, but I just don’t see any big difference before/after taking them, other than fluorescent urine, ha, so I guess it’s back to the cheap multivitamins. If you had more information explaining the difference between your stuff and the multivitamins I can find at Wal-Mart, that’d be nice as well as a more thorough explanation as to what your supplements are expected to do.

There are several differences between potent high-quality supplements and read more »

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Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Your Gift Comes Tomorrow!

Dear Healthy Thinkers,

This is a LONG email!  But I promise it will be worth your while.  You may have noticed that you’re getting the Daily Health Secret a bit later than normal.  That’s because I have at least 5 elves working enthusiastically read more »

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Your FAQs About My Free Christmas Gift :)

Many of you have written to me, asking about the features and benefits of the Vital Primivia Supplement line that I have designed for your health.  Here are a couple of questions that you have asked about, together with my answers (I’ll share more later):

1.  How is Vital Primivia different from other multivitamin products? read more »