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Cancer and Natural Solutions

About a year ago, a naturopathic doctor gave me a test for cancer. She said the test revealed a malignant brain tumor in the making if I did not changes. She suggested omega 3 oil, vitamins, minerals, adrenal support. Seems like this is not enough for something so potentially serious. She practices in another state. Any suggestions? Getting worried.

In answering you, I must make several assumptions, and comment on my assumptions.  The test the naturopathic doctor gave you was most likely assessing energy, such as in electrodermal testing.  Electrodermal testing can often pick up vibrational frequencies of illnesses before they become manifest at the physical level.

I also assume there is no blood marker or obvious tumor mass or biopsy.  All healthy tissue vibrates at a unique frequency for that particular tissue or organ.

All damaged tissue (including cancer in the making) also vibrates at a specific frequency, which can be assessed by the proper equipment and diagnosticians.  If the damaged cells are not repaired by the immune system and surrounding cells, they will progress to the physical manifestation of the disease.

Repair at this time, before the manifestation of physical disease, is much easier, and the suggestions the naturopath has given may be adequate to strengthen the immune system.  If this is the case, your surrounding cells will be able to initiate repair and never manifest  the illness, which is what you want to have happen.

In my office, I use a lab test to assess the number and efficacy of the natural killer cells, which are the white cells that do the final killing of cancer cells.

If the lab result numbers are weak, I become much more aggressive at strengthening the immune system.  If they are strong, it provides assurance that we just need to keep doing what we are presently doing.