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What Exercise Works in Weight Loss?

A reader writes: 300 lbs, 6′, 67 yrs. and bad legs, knees, and feet due to neuropathy (or so I am told as have had all tests and nerves and circulation OK.) Makes most forms of exercise very difficult. Have stationary bike, use when have time, but it wears me to a frazzle, as they say. Hard to do anything else afterward. How do I get enough exercise to really make a difference?

There are 2 types of exercise that are best for weight loss.

1. resistance training (weight lifting) which builds muscle, and this can be done at any age or any degree of shape. Muscle requires energy burning all the time, so the more the muscle, the calories burned in the resting state.

2. High intensity interval training, which means finding something strenuous that exhausts you, which has to last longer that 30 seconds to do, but you cannot do it for longer than 60 seconds. Do 4 to 8 of these maximal activities 4 to 8 times per day, 3 days per week. This will stimulate fat burning for hours after the exercise is complete. These 4 to 8 SPURTS  (I call them) can be done over a 20 minute period, or spread out over the whole day.

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Calories Count? Or Carbs? Or What?

Calorie Counters Have it Right, Diet Study Says

Recently released information in the Wall Street Journal shows that calories do count—that it isn’t what you eat, but how much. Participants were put in one of four diet groups—2 low-fat groups and 2 high-fat groups, with a high-protein and normal-protein groups being the other parameter. All diets were Continue reading Calories Count? Or Carbs? Or What?