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Antioxidants and Oxidative Stress

In the normal course of metabolism, your body produces small, high-energy particles that have a single electron in their outer shell (such molecules are unstable because electrons prefer to be paired).  These are called free radicals, and they can be very damaging in their search for another electron.  If too many of them are produced, their extremely high energy can also be damaging to normal tissues.  Free radicals disrupt the normal production of DNA, the genetic material, and alter the lipids (fats) in cell membranes.  We are also exposed to free radicals that are found in the environment or generated by exposure to environmental chemicals.  One way to protect yourself from free-radical damage is to take dietary supplements.  Specifically, vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene; the trace minerals selenium and zinc; and accessory food factors, such as bioflavonoids and coenzyme Q10.

The Vitamin Revolution in Health Care

Michael Janson, MD

Dr. Gardner’s comments:  The name given to the process of free radical damage in the body is called oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress is at the root of most degenerative disease and is part of all inflammatory and pain conditions.  Proper diet and antioxidant supplements can help reduce oxidative damage in your cells and body.  A new supplement on the market, ASEA, improves antioxidant efficiency by 5 to 8 times.  You may contact me for further science and explanation of this amazing discovery at  Please put ASEA in the subject line, and our team with get back with you immediately.

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Essential Oils

Because you are so good with alternative methods of healing and natural medicines you are also probably familiar with essential oils and some of the great things they can do. I want to inform you of a company dedicated to producing the purest, highest grade essential oil available. I am so impressed with them and the things they do to make me feel more alive.

Essential oils are a great way to get specific frequencies into your body. It is at the energy level that healing takes place, and that stimulates the body to heal itself.

The negative energies from diseased tissue can also be improved with the frequencies of these oils. I have looked at the 3 companies making them, and you have chosen a fine company to work with.

Many people approach me with great products they have available that use healthy ingredients and are beneficial.  I have looked at all of them, and I applaud those of you who are working in helping people become more healthy.  As I look at ingredients and evaluate what I do in my treatment and care of patients, I make sure that I am incorporating everything available to help people feel better.  Usually my protocol of treatment includes the same elements as are available in these products.  I can often obtain them from sources that are only available to physicians.  Occasionally I find a product that I am not currently using, and would like to incorporate in the future. Essential oils fall into this category.

Eventually this website will include all aspects of healthy living, from organic, wonderful personal care products, to cleaning products, to essential oils, to all kinds of nutritional supplements.  I encourage each of you to explore healthy alternatives to drugs and surgery, based upon your own unique circumstances.

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The Difference it Makes to Use Healthy Alternatives

I wanted to thank you for your article on ‘Alternative Medicine.’ I have been using essential oils now for over 9 months to treat everything with tremendous success, and it has been such a blessing in our lives! My son who was having to use inhalers everyday, now doesn’t use them at all. I’ve been taking care of sickness, flu, allergies, and everything in-between. Along with healthy supplements and using Coconut Oil, my families health has been much improved. I believe there has to be a balance between modern medicine, and alternative forms, but it is an empowering feeling to know I am more self-reliant and able to use my ‘first-line-of-defense’. Thank you for validating that feeling. I look forward to the conference in Utah!

It is so exciting to see so many people respond to safe alternatives to drugs for treating most everything. I, too, am looking forward to the Holistic Conference. As you may know, I am planning on giving a half-day seminar with possibly a dinner on the night before the conference, June 25th. I look forward to meeting you.