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New Study Links Plastic Chemical to Health Risks

Wall Street Journal, September 17, 2008

Bisphenol-A (BPA), found in plastic food and drink containers, has been found in higher concentrations in people with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. These higher levels are associated with elevation of liver enzymes (increased death of liver cells because of increased liver stress). The director of FDA’s Office of Food Additive Safety, Laura Tarantino, defended their offices’ assurance of safety, quoting safety studies funded by Continue reading New Study Links Plastic Chemical to Health Risks

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Irradiated Foods

I’m reprinting the following letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal with permission of the author, Joe Mendelson, Legal Director of The Center for Food Safety, Washington.

The Journal supposes that any interest group opposed to food irradiation “presumably thinks you can hire enough inspectors to look at every tomato.” This is not the case.

Dispatching an army of inspectors would present no more of a solution than irradiation, because neither tactic Continue reading Irradiated Foods

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Food Safety, Cloned Animals

The recent New York Times article in the July 25, 2008 issue talks about Europe and their lack of endorsement of cloned animals and their milk for human consumption.  They maintain that there is inadequate studies, too many questions unanswered, and will not permit their import into Europe yet:

The European Food Safety Authority pulled back on Thursday from giving milk and meat from cloned animals a clean bill of health, making it less likely that such products could reach store shelves in Europe anytime soon.

Dr. Gardner’s comments: I couldn’t agree with Europe more. I am very concerned about the lack of long-term studies in this whole field of genetically modified food, cloning, and food safety. Give me grass-fed and free-range animals anyday over concentration camp conditions of breeding and raising and inadequately studied cloned animals.