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Lactose and Fructose Intolerance

My child has been diagnosed with fructose and lactose intolerance, is it possible to remain healthy without fruit/veg and dairy?

Lactose and fructose are both sugars and require specific enzymes to break them down to be utilized by the body. Lactose is found in milk, and milk is not needed nutritionally after 1 year of age, so that is easy to eliminate.

Most milk is highly processed, both pasteurized and homogenized, which changes the structure of the proteins and fat, making it even less healthy. Raw milk is best if cows’ milk is used, but know your sources and their hygienic habits in raising the cows and obtaining the milk.

There are healthy forms of milk–almond and other grain milks, and one of our favorites: coconut milk. Avoid soy milk. Since lactose intolerance is often due to lactase (the enzyme that breaks down lactose) deficiency, that enzyme can be supplied with the milk and the lactose will digest. It is called Lactaid. However, many people think they have a lactose intolerance because they have a reaction to milk, but the real reaction is to the milk protein. This will not be solved by Lactaid.

Fructose is found in fruits, and not in vegetables, so you do not need to eliminate vegetables if there is a true fructose intolerance.

There is a procedure to desensitize you to your allergies. In our office it is called AllDeSen, short for allergy desensitization. It is a combination of NAET, BioSet, and other energy modalities that resets the body toward the allergen, thereby eliminating its reaction in the body. It is very effective, and safer than conventional skin tests and allergy shots. It is not only effective against pollens, dust, molds and danders, it is also effective against foods and chemicals.

Don’t forget to give basic vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acid supplements as additional insurance for adequate nutrient intake.

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Sugar and Raw Honey: A Comparison

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