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Bug Bites

I am beyond severely allergic to insect bites, been in ER more than once, but can’t take benadryl, etc. Friends swear by Garlic cloves/ capsules to ward off mosquitos; what is the appropriate dosage in mg, etc.? I’ve started 440mg x2/day, and also take Quercetin 250mg x2/day (less = migraines, more=rebound).
PS you recommended the Quercetin, and my son can now eat dairy w/o rash!

Garlic does not seem to help with healing general insect bites, but it is usually extremely effective at keeping mosquitos from biting you. I start with a dose of at least 1000 mg per day, so your dose of 880 is close to that level. If you are still getting bitten, increase the dose up to 2000 mg per day. Try aloe vera on the bites to see if it will reduce the itchiness. I have another treatment option has been extremely effective in reducing allergic reactions generally, but you will need to contact my office for specific information (801) 302-5397.  This is especially helpful if you do not like the smell associated with garlic in some people. Stay on the Quercetin as it reduces the histamine release at the time of an allergic reaction.

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High Cholesterol and Statin Drugs

I have high cholesterol and the medicines prescribed are beginning to cause side effects.  Basically, muscle ache. Are there natural foods to take to help lower the bad and raise the good cholesterol?

I assume the cholesterol-lowering drugs you are on are statins, which I take Continue reading High Cholesterol and Statin Drugs