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Edema (Swelling)

Edema in feet and ankles. Doctor would like to prescribe a diuretic. Is there an herbal way to remedy the problem? I have type II diabetes. Is this a contributing factor?

I continue to read about the effectiveness of dandelion for edema, although I have not yet used it. Try it and tell me if it works for you.

High glucose levels in your blood will cause several problems that could contribute to the edema. Glucose can glycate (stick) to blood vessel walls and be a problem with blood uptake at the capillary level.

Metabolic abnormalities are part of high glucose levels in the blood, and may also contribute to fluid in the tissue.

You’ll want to increase your water intake (pure water, not flavored water or sodas), and increase your movement.

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Sugar and Raw Honey: A Comparison

What is the difference between sugar and raw honey? And is there a difference between raw honey and processed honey?

Raw honey contains a combination of sugars, including fructose and glucose, and smaller amounts of sucrose and maltose. It also contains Continue reading Sugar and Raw Honey: A Comparison

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Calories Count? Or Carbs? Or What?

Calorie Counters Have it Right, Diet Study Says

Recently released information in the Wall Street Journal shows that calories do count—that it isn’t what you eat, but how much. Participants were put in one of four diet groups—2 low-fat groups and 2 high-fat groups, with a high-protein and normal-protein groups being the other parameter. All diets were Continue reading Calories Count? Or Carbs? Or What?