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Carbs and Gluten Sensitivities

I want to eat healthy and everybody says eat oats and wheat but when i eat a lot of these products I find that I am more tired and feel down

Whole wheat and oats are very healthy, although they are high in carbohydrates. However, many people are sensitive to the gluten in wheat, and if very sensitive, to the amount in the oats also.

There is an antibody test that can tell you if you are sensitive to gluten, which, unfortunately, is very common. I think the common occurence of the sensitivity is related to the amount of processing that is taking place with these products, with how big “food” companies are adding strange ingredients and highly processing the basic ingredients.  I also have questions about the farming procedures that have created 5 times more gluten in today’s wheat than existed 100 years ago.  Something has obviously changed, and it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is triggering the increase in wheat and gluten sensitivities.

If you are gluten sensitive, you will feel tired and sick upon exposure to gluten. Oftimes, NAET can desensitize you to this protein and you can eat it without having symptoms.  Once your gluten sensitivities are cleared, you can eat the foods (just don’t use the processed versions), enjoy them, and get the health benefits from them.

One more thought:  you can still enjoy the benefitis of wheat by growing and eating wheat grass.  Wheat grass is highly nutritious, full of beneficial enzymes, and a wonderful addition to a green drink.