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High Cholesterol and Statin Drugs

I have high cholesterol and the medicines prescribed are beginning to cause side effects.  Basically, muscle ache. Are there natural foods to take to help lower the bad and raise the good cholesterol?

I assume the cholesterol-lowering drugs you are on are statins, which I take Continue reading High Cholesterol and Statin Drugs

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Our Grandmothers Knew What They Were Talking About!

Keep That 1876 Journal Handy, It Just May Help Treat Diabetes

Renewed interest has been generated in a drug called salsalate, similar to aspirin (salicylate), by Dr. Shoelson at the Harvard-affiliated Joslin Diabetes Center. The Wall Street Journal reports that, as an anti-inflammatory, salsalate may have the capability of reducing Continue reading Our Grandmothers Knew What They Were Talking About!

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Diabetes: Critical Information You Should Know

Update:  I just came across an excellent article linking diabetes with thiamine deficiency.  Check out the article here.

(Can anyone get this information to Larry H. Miller?)

A patient recently came into my office for a consultation. She was in her early 50s, overweight, and was struggling with constant tiredness and a sense of being overwhelmed. She had tried multiple diets, with little to no success, and when she succeeded in dropping a couple of pounds, they came right back on. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired. She, like countless other baby boomers, is dealing with a physical condition that is nearly epidemic in proportion. If untreated, it has the potential to lead to full blown Continue reading Diabetes: Critical Information You Should Know

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Carbohydrates: Heroes or Villains?

“Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.” Hippocrates

Did your grandmother teach you, as mine did, that you are what you eat? We used to chuckle about her obsession with whole wheat, and felt she was going overboard when she counseled us to avoid sugar. Grandma lived to a ripe old age, and she was sharp-witted and ambulatory to the very end. Now, years after her death, science is “discovering” the Continue reading Carbohydrates: Heroes or Villains?