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Alternative Solutions in Breast Cancer

I am a 46 year old mother of 11 and am in the best health of my life, or so I thought until I was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. Over the last year I have been on several cleanses and limit intake of sugar and white flour in my diet to once or twice a week.
After the shock of my diagnosis, I have started NAET and am researching acidosis. Most research seems to agree that acidic bodies feed cancer, Many charts vary on what foods are acidic or alkaline. Do you recommend an alkaline diet? Is there any harm in this? What else would you recommend I look into?

Acid in the body is caused by cancer cells, and cancer cells like to be in, and thrive in, an acidic environment. Alkalinizing your body is an excellent way to be healthy, and will have an effect on the cancer.

There are foods that are more and less acidic, so concentrate on those more alkaline foods. You can take salts with bicarbonate in them, which will also alkalinize your body. Ph tests of saliva or urine can give you an indication of the amount of acidity or alkalinity you have in your body.

Sugar and processed food have to be 100% eliminated, not just reduced. In fact, some would say that all carbohydrates need to be reduced, as glucose feeds the cancer, and all carbohydrates eventually convert to glucose. Other things to research and consider:

  • vitamin D levels should be in the 60 to 90 range,
  • some have found the macrobiotic diet useful (although a lot of work),
  • supplements that build the immune system (that may include mushrooms, beta-glucan, colostrum),
  • Intravenous vitamin C at high doses can help kill the cancer cells safely,
  • hyperbaric oxygen,
  • hyperthermia,
  • addressing possible stress/emotional/forgiveness issues,
  • expressing gratitude, inwardly and outwardly, for the blessings you enjoy,
  • to mention only a few of the options.

I would strongly suggest you get under the care of a physician that agrees with your philosophies of treatment and can design an aggressive program. That may not be possible with just reading on the internet.