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Thyroid Issues, Weight Loss and HCG

I am on synthroid medication and have been for 26 years, was given a radioactive iodine pill that killed the function of my thyroid for hypothyrodism, recently had a parathyroid gland removed.I am overweight,,, obese,,,, I need to lose weight as it is beginning to affect my legs and back. I would like to use the HCG drops and wonder if they would benefit me. I know that having a non functioning thyroid slows down your metabolism and you gain weight and have a harder time losing it… can you give me some info on this and tell me if you think I can benefit form the drops. I really need to lose,,,

Weight loss is not so easy as energy (food) in, energy (exercise) out.  If you are still hypothyroid on Synthroid, no matter what else you do , it will be difficult to lose fat or weight. 

The free T3 level is the level of your active thyroid hormone, and if it is at or below the mid range of the reference range of the lab, it is hypothyroid if you have any other symptoms of low thyroid.  Synthroid is T4, the inactive form of thyroid hormone, which is converted into T3 in the body.  That is, if the conversion takes place properly, which is not the case in many people. 

Conventional medicine tends to ignore the T3 level, relying on TSH and T4 levels to assess thyroid function.  If all conversion pathways and feedback pathways were intact, it would be accurate.  But, in my experience, too many people are low thyroid even with normal TSH and T4 levels.  You should also be taking iodine daily. 

Once the thyroid is fixed, and you are on a good diet (no sugar, processed food, soda pop), then HCG drops or shots could be considered.  They are safe.  If you are willing to  be aggressive with the dietary restrictions (which are not healthy long term) during the HCG period, you can plan on losing one-half to one pound per day on the drops.  You can have repeated courses with breaks in between, if needed.  It also has a tendency to remove fat from those difficult to lose places–hips, thighs, arms, abdomen. 

I have a proprietary formula of HCG in homeopathic drops that contains 22 amino acids.  They have been helpful for many, with excellent results.  You can find them in the products available on the website navigation bar.