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Eyesight Improvement

Please is there Any Supplement for EyeSight improvement?

Most everything that affects the eyes and eye sight has associated oxidative stress (free radical damage).  All of the supplements for eyes are strong antioxidants.

They are especially good for macular degeneration and are probably helpful for cataracts.  Of course, a bleed in the eye or a retinal tear may have oxidative stress, but relieving that with antioxidants will not get the vision back.  The antioxidants that are most helpful for the eye include:

  • lutein,
  • bilberry,
  • zeaxanthin,
  • blueberry extracts,
  • alpha-lipoic acid.

Eye exercises can also help with eyesight.

Redox signaling molecules have been shown to help with eyesight.  For more information, please write to me at my website: