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Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal Cell Carcinoma. I am wondering about alternative approaches to fight this cancer. Also are there known food that help fight this cancer. I assume ridding the body of sugar would be a good thing to do and adding many more veggies to the diet.

Basal cell carcinoma is a skin cancer that, fortunately, does not metastasize, but grows locally. This certainly gives you time to try alternative approaches rather than immediate excision.

You need to start with being basically healthy–eat real food (no sugar, processed, soda pop), take supplements, sleep and exercise.

Then you may want to build your immune system.

1. shaitake and maitake mushrooms as supplements,

2. curcumen

3. Resveratrol, Green tea extract, antioxidants (vitamins C, E), vitamin D.

Locally you may want to try a new product that has both killing power on cancer cells and builds the immune system, called ASEA.  This can be sprayed locally on the lesion.  You can obtain the spray bottle through this website.  ASEA for internal use is a powerful tool, and can be obtained at this website: