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YOU and How You View Yourself

A commitment to body-respect is an essential step toward feeling and looking your best.  Women who like themselves are irresistible and fun to be around, regardless of their size.  It’s also important to remember that respecting yourself will actually help you reach your optimal size.  That’s because the feelings associated with self-respect create a metabolic milieu in your body that is conducive to optimal fat burning.  By contrast, the metabolic processes associated with unresolved emotional stress tend to keep excess body fat firmly in place.

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Christiane Northrup, MD

Dr. Gardner’s comments:  Acceptance of where you are is a critical step in moving toward where you want to be.  Self-deprecation will never take you to your lofty aspirations. Today hold your head high and take one step closer to where you want to be. 

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What Exercise Works in Weight Loss?

A reader writes: 300 lbs, 6′, 67 yrs. and bad legs, knees, and feet due to neuropathy (or so I am told as have had all tests and nerves and circulation OK.) Makes most forms of exercise very difficult. Have stationary bike, use when have time, but it wears me to a frazzle, as they say. Hard to do anything else afterward. How do I get enough exercise to really make a difference?

There are 2 types of exercise that are best for weight loss.

1. resistance training (weight lifting) which builds muscle, and this can be done at any age or any degree of shape. Muscle requires energy burning all the time, so the more the muscle, the calories burned in the resting state.

2. High intensity interval training, which means finding something strenuous that exhausts you, which has to last longer that 30 seconds to do, but you cannot do it for longer than 60 seconds. Do 4 to 8 of these maximal activities 4 to 8 times per day, 3 days per week. This will stimulate fat burning for hours after the exercise is complete. These 4 to 8 SPURTS  (I call them) can be done over a 20 minute period, or spread out over the whole day.

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Weight Loss

I have had a stomach staple lost 125lbs first year kept that off but have gone up and down since. This past year I lost 70lbs and do not want it back. I should lose another 40 or 50lbs where how what can I do?

Congratulations on losing weight, even though it took a surgical procedure to do it. I am sure you have tried a vast number of things to try to help you, but here is a list you may be able to choose from:

1. Low carb diets. Carbohydrates  become sugar in the body, which become fat if the levels are high.  There are many low carb diets, of which Atkins is the most strict and best known.  These diets are not healthy long term, but may be tried over the short term.

2. Long term low intensity exercise, like walking an hour or more, will burn fat while you are walking.  However, if you want to burn fat for hours after exercise, you will need to do 4 to 8 high-intensity interval trainings a day for 3 or 4 days per week.

3.  A HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), or burst, or spurt, is done by exerting maximal effort for 30 to 60 seconds.

4. Be sure you are getting good sleep, eating real food, and taking supplements so your body is not craving food for nutrient deficiencies.

5. The HCG diet has been helpful for many, but you must be willing to follow it strictly.  You will still need to maintain proper eating and exercise habits long term, no matter what you find successful for the short term.

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Green Tea Extract (Without Caffeine)

Dr Gardner, I recently purchased your green tea extract formula. However, today after visiting with my endocrinologist she determined that my blood pressure is pretty high. She gave me another diuretic to treat it. My question is will the green tea tablet exacerbate my high blood pressure? Thank you for your time.

Green tea extract will lower blood pressure, not elevate it.  The anti-oxidant effect will squelch free radicals in the blood stream.  Free radicals cause inflammation which causes constricted blood vessels and higher blood pressure.  EGCG, the most active ingredient in green tea, has a tendency to dilate blood vessel walls, and also acts as an ACE inhibitor, which will also reduce blood pressure.  To order Green Tea Extract (my formula contains no caffeine), go to this site and order the Primivia GTE.  We’ll ship it out to you right away.

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HCG for Weight Loss

I am interested in taking HCG (do I have the correct letters?) for weight loss. My neurologist wants me to lose 150 lbs. following a stroke I had in January. He actually wants me to have lap banding which I’m leary of and would like to try this first. I have tried to find it here in Florida but everyone is back ordered for 3 months. Is Utah the only place that has it? What can I do to order it from you?

HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone made by the body when a woman is pregnant.  Dr. Simeon did considerable research decades ago on this hormone and discovered fat loss in specific places on the body if this was used in conjunction with a specific diet.  He spent years perfecting the diet, and had close follow-up with all his participants.

Most people find they lose about 1/2 to 1 pound per day for the 40 days they are on the diet.  I have had good experience with it both by injection and with a homeopathic solution that not only has HCG, but also carries the signature of all 22 amino acids the body needs.

You can find it by going to my website,, click healthy products and find weight loss.  You can order it online, and can expect the shipment within 2 weeks at your home.  In weight loss, as in all medical conditions, you should proceed with the supervision of your physician.

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Green Tea Extract (Primivia GTE)

Tea, black, white, or green come from the same plant.  Caffein, Lactic acid, etc. are a few of the ingredients that are harmful.  Wine is also beneficial, science says, because of its anti-oxidant qualities.  On this one I prefer to follow my religious beliefs.  Will this new product contain a beneficial herb but not the tea plant?

Primivia GTE is an extraction from the plant Camellia sinensis.  The active beneficial extracted ingredients are polyphenols, commonly known as flavonoids.

Most extracts have anywhere from 60% to 80% polyphenols, but Primivia GTE has 95%  polyphenol content, predominantly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).  These polyphenols have more potent anti-oxidant effect than vitamin C or E. They also suppress the formation of nitrosamines, one of many cancer-inducing compounds.  Its cancer protection is best with gastrointestinal tract cancers, lung cancer and most breast cancers. These extractions also promote fat oxidation and thermogenesis, which help with weight balance.

Each one of us needs to make our own personal decisions about what we ingest into our body (temple).  Some people are addicted to caffeine with their soft drink ingestion; some take cough syrups with alcohol content; some people are addicted to prescription medications, when alternatives exist.  Each person is at their own level of understanding and need, and needs to personally decide what is right for them.

Remember, ‘science’ is always changing and evolving-truth never deviates.

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Weight Loss

I would like to know if Dr Gardner has a diet that will help me to lose weight (100+), help my hypothyroidism get better, maybe with Armour ( I take Levothyroxin 175mcg), and consequently get rid of Metformin 100mg that I started taking about 1 year ago now.

Keys to Healing Medical Center treats hypothyroidism and obesity, and they are intertwined.  You have also identified insulin resistance as a contributing factor in weight gain, and insulin resistance makes it extremely difficult to lose weight. Dr. Gardner has various tools for assisting in weight loss. Call 801  302-5397 to have a packet sent about his philosophies and costs so you can decide if this is right for you.

If you would like to consider the Ease on Down Weight Balance Program when it becomes available again you can enter your email address here.

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“Spurts” for Weight Loss and Feeling Great!

I am new to the website and have read about the short bursts of exercise and the “Ease on Down” but cannot find what these short bursts are. Where can I read more? Do you run or walk fast for a minute? Jump up and down? What are the movements?

Although Ease on Down was just launched and is not available currently, I can keep you informed when it is available next if you would like to subscribe to my free Daily Health Secrets.  That’s the best way to know what’s going on with this incredible program.  We have received many letters from folks who are losing weight, even though they had plateaued previously!  Pretty awesome 🙂 To subscribe to the Daily Health Secrets, just click on the link in the upper left hand corner of this page and you’ll also receive a free report that helps you to understand what healthy alternative medicine is all about, comparing it with conventional medicine.  Then you’ll get a tip every day, along with updates when life-changing programs are available.

NOW–for your question about “Spurts.”–

Spurts are any exercise or movement that requires maximal exertion that can be maintained for at least 30 seconds, but cannot be continued for longer than 60 seconds. In the trainer literature they are called High Intensity Interval Training (HIITs). For some people, running up stairs is the activity that is needed, while others only need to walk. You’ll know what is best for you as you begin to do this routine.  Everyone can do it, regardless of mobility issues, because you can lay down on the floor and move your arms and legs, if you cannot do anything else.

Doing sit-ups will exhaust some people in 60 seconds, while others will need to lift weights while doing sit-ups. I play basketball, and for my spurts I sprint to the ball after each shot and do a jump shot. The first burst of energy takes me 55 seconds, while the 4th burst takes me 35 seconds.

Jumping rope will work for some people, while others can jump rope for 5 minutes before tiring. My wife loves to dance at a zippy pace.  You will need to find the activity and movements that work for you.  Make sure they are fun so you will keep doing them.

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Two Frequently Asked Questions about Weight Loss, and My Answers

Will I keep the weight off? I have a fear of gaining all the weight back, and more.

Most diet programs are difficult to stay on as a lifestyle, and when the motivation is gone, a regression back to the original habits take place.  This program is a lifestyle that just makes sense. Obviously, if no long term changes are not made, and you do go back to your original lifestyle, you will revert to your original weight.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

This is a one-year program, designed to establish firm lifestyle changes that are healthy, and work with basic physiologic principles.

Will this work for me?

We have no crystal ball. But if you do the work, and at the end you do not feel healthier and feel you don’t have a more balanced size, we will refund your money. If there are components in this program you have never tried before, now is the time to give it a try. This program will address medical obstacles to weight balance that are not typically part of other diet programs.

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Making Friends with Your Body

I need to change eating habits as well as exercise more to better control my weight and health. I have been reading your articles posted on Meridian Magazine and now wonder how big a part of my weight issue is my fibromyalgia and thoracic outlet syndrome issues. For years I have felt bloated and like I was retaining fluid no matter how much water I drank to try to stay well hydrated and hopefully not retain fluid. How can I beat my own body’s internal functioning?

Eating habits and exercise with weight issues, fibromyalgia and thoracic outlet syndrome, bloated and retention of fluid–could there be a common thread?

I’m going to make a stab at one issue that may help all the issues: fix the gastrointestinal tract. Do the following things:

1. If the problem is Candida (or other yeasty beasties), stop all sugar, fruit and yeast intake for 2 weeks. If it helps, add probiotics and Pau D’Arco or capryostatin to help further. You may even need Nystatin or Diflucan by prescription.

2. You may not have enough pancreatic enzymes to break down the food. These can be easily added with food and see if they make a difference. Be sure to use plenty with each meal to see if it helps.

3. There may not be enough stomach acid to break down the food. Try Betaine HCl at the beginning of the meal.

4. If something has been disturbing the gut for some time, it may get inflamed and the tight junction between the cells separate, which we call ‘leaky gut.’ This permits the incompletely digested food to cross the intestinal tract lining and cause food allergies. Avoidance of those suspected foods may help until the gut is healed. NAET (or All-De-Sen, which is the name I gave the procedure I practice) will reduce or eliminate those allergies.

5. Some people have wheat (gluten) or milk (casein) sensitivities, and avoidance of those 2 substances may solve the problem. Once the bloating disappears, I suspect the fluid retention will also get better. As the inflammation reduces from whatever the cause, the fibromyalgia symptoms may also improve. The thoracic outlet syndrome may need additional help–a topic for another day.  For now, you may want to consider getting on the list for my upcoming Ease on Down Weight Balance Program–it launches this Thursday!